Fresh Paint

  • The Bridge 1600 Clay St. Detroit, MI

Join us April 8th for the first gallery show at The Bridge. Fresh Paint is a group show, featuring 18 artists working with all types of mediums. 

For those who don't know, The Bridge has been a collective art studio located in the Russell Industrial Center, one of the largest art communities in the midwest, for about 2 years. The complex has recently had some issues passing building codes and was getting shut down by the city of Detroit. The Russell has since been working to make the necessary improvements to keep the building open.

With all of this madness, we've decided to rethink our space. We'd like to become a bigger part in the community and local art scene in Detroit. Our goal is to use our space to host a variety of creative events and create a communal co-working space for creatives.

The title of the show Fresh Paint is more reflecting the studio / co-working space. It's a fresh start for The Bridge.

April 1
Drink & Draw